Nutrien Civic Centre

Fundy Civic Center Contribution
Kings County Record
Kings County Record

Through the Rotary Club of Sussex’s Harley Geldart, the Club has shared in the dream for a community swimming center since inception. The Club assisted with the funding for the feasibility study, and through that effort, donated almost $80,000.00 in funding.

In April 2012, President Barb Crowe & President-Elect Robert Kimball presented Rotary’s first and second installment ($20,00.00) of a $40,000 commitment to the Fundy Civic Center. Accepting the check on behalf of the FCC is John Robinson.

FCC Bike Rack Delivery
FCC Bike Rack

On May 13, 2012, Joe Richard of Craftsmanship in Iron delivered two Rotary Bicycle Racks for presentation to the Fundy Civic Center. Accepting the bikes on behalf of the Sussex Rotary Club is President-elect Robert Kimball and his two children Cole and Amelia.


Fundy Civic Center Presentation
FCC Cheque

A special presentation was made on June 8, 2009, by the Sussex Rotary Club to the Fundy Civic Center. President Donna Gilchrist, Incoming President Frank Darrah and Honorary Member Harley Geldart presented John Robinson of the FCC the Club’s donation of $36,135.33.



Fundy Civic Center

FCC Money Jugs

In the spirit of this year's International motto Make Dreams Real, The Rotary Club of Sussex is raising funds to benefit the Fundy Civic Centre.

Throughout various businesses in Sussex and the surrounding area, water bottles have been displayed and filled with your change to help the community meet the funds needed to build our Fundy Civic Centre.

Bud Pearson was the first resident to contribute to the fundraiser. Bud has been collecting pennies and loose change into bottles for years at home and donated them to our cause. Bud, a former Rotarian himself, believes that this is a great way to get everyone to dig deep and make a difference. The Rotary Club wants the community to help. If you have loose change to donate, drop it into the water bottles as you are shopping. Have a casual day at work and give the collection. If your piggy bank is too heavy to bring in, we will pick it up from your home! The fundraiser will run until early 2009, and all proceeds will go to the FCC.

We will be updating the progress in the Kings County Record weekly. Look for the Water Bottle!