O’Connell Park Rotary Wheel

O'Connell Park Rotary Wheel

The Sussex Rotary Club has created a Rotary Wheel at the entrance to O’Connell Park for many years, and it has taken on many different shades of Rotary colours. On June 23, 2014, Rotarians gathered at O’Connell Park ith Joan Routledge to plant the annual Rotary Flower Wheel.
Pictured above from L-R are Rotarians Kathy Carver, Scott Hatcher, Robert Kimball, Sandra Moon, President Robert Tremblett, Lou McNamara, Rhoda Wilson, and Community in Bloom friend of Rotary, Joan Routledge.

O'Connell Park Rotary Wheel

In early June 2013, members of the Rotary Club gathered at O’Connell Park to plant the flowers for the 2013 Rotary Wheel. Joan Routledge of Communities in Bloom was of great assistance to the Club in the ordering of the proper flowers, the arrangement details, and the summer maintenance.
Pictured above are Rotarians Wendy Osborne, Sandra Moon, President Robert Kimball, Bob Black, and Past President Lou McNamara.

O'Connell Park Rotary Wheel

The Rotary Wheel in O’Connell Park in 2003 took on a special array of Rotary colours for the enjoyment of the visitors.


Sussex Corner Sign and Flower Work

 O'Connell Park Rotary Wheel

In addition to flowers in O’Connell Park, the Club has also maintained flowers around the Club’s sign display as you enter Sussex from the Four Corner’s entrance.
On July 14, 2014, President Bob & Juanita Tremblett, along with Rotarian Rhoda Wilson, met at Sussex Corner to repair the bricks around the sign entering Sussex

Sussex Corner Sign

The frost had heaved the bricks and repairs were needed as can be seen from the pictures of the before and after. As part of the repairs, flowers were planted with coordination from Communities in Bloom. The Club is very thankful for the help provided by Communities in Bloom, especially Joan Routledge.