Posted on Nov 26, 2018
Arts and Culture Centre of Sussex

At our Nov. 26, 2018 meeting, Rotarian Robert Kimball introduced Bonny Hill, who is a recently retired art teacher.

Bonny’s talents and accomplishments are many. She has taught art, has directed several plays at the high school, is a part of the group Class Act, has had her work in several art shows, and in 2011 received a national award as Art Educator of the Year.

Today, Bonny Hill spoke of the work of AX, The Arts and Culture Centre of Sussex and shared the improvements made to the former Tea Room, a building rented from the Town of Sussex.

This building has become a hub of activity with art shows of various types and persuasions, multicultural events, summer camps for children, and encases Knocks Café which is managed by Ruth MacEachern.

Presently Bonny is working on a pop-up village recognizing individuals and groups that have made contributions to the organization.