Posted on Jan 14, 2019
Classification Talk - Bob Tremblett

At the Jan. 14, 2019 meeting, Alex Coffin introduced Past President Bob Tremblett as a family man, an entrepreneur and owner of TremTech Electrical Systems, and a well-rounded contributor to his community. Bob Tremblett presented his classification talk. Bob was born in Newfoundland and trained as an electronics technologist graduating in 1982. He worked for Sears for 13 years, fixing electronics. Bob Tremblett’s presentation included a picture review of electronic technology; Bob explained how he moved from a technologist to an electrician, and now how he continues to learn by being enrolled in an Electrical Engineering course through the University of New Brunswick...

Even with stiff competition from many new electrical companies opening in Sussex after the mine closure, TremTech Electrical Systems has continued to expand and to diversify. Bob’s wife and two sons work full time for the company along with several other tradespersons. Presently, TremTech provides electrical service, electronic service, security service, and has expanded to online merchandising on the Internet.
There was a strong turnout for the Jan. 14 meeting. Shown below from left to right: Secretary Rhoda Wilson, new member Sheri Shannon, Melissa Honour, Mary McNair, Donna Gilchrist, Paul Kearney, Bob Kimball, Bob Black, Julie Matthews, Bob Short, Robert Lockhart, and our speaker Bob Tremblett.
Classification Talk - Bob Tremblett
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