Posted on May 14, 2018
Elementary Literacy

Rotarian Erik Homenick introduced our speaker for May 14, 2018. Catherine Barry has an education background and has taught in both elementary and high schools in New Brunswick before joining Elementary Literacy Friends (ELF).

Catherine has a passion for improving childhood literacy and works with schools to help set up the ELF program in English schools (Elementary Literacy Friends) and the CLEF program in French schools (Communauté Littératie Enfants Francophones.)

Catherine spoke about the low rate of literacy of New Brunswickers...

Statistics have shown that grade 2 is the level at which intervention has the most significant impact. In the ELF, volunteers sign up for a 10-week commitment of two hours per week and work one-on-one with students. Statistics have shown that these students increase two reading levels as well as improve persistence and confidence.

The TD bank’s research shows that there is a link between literacy and the economy; therefore, the community benefits when literacy rates increase.

Presently there are 183 schools, 1100 students, and 900 volunteers involved in the program in New Brunswick. You can find more information at