Posted on Jun 02, 2018
First Brewfest in 2018

Coming June 16th, the first-ever Sussex Brew Fest! Sponsorship opportunities for your company! Message us for details. Like and share the page for updates and upcoming ticket info Tickets available starting January 31st, 2018. Our Club was so excited that the Kings County Record did a story on our upcoming Sussex Rotary Brew Fest...


Craft beer festival to hit Sussex

SUSSEX• Sussex will get its first sip of a craft beer festival this summer.

The Sussex Rotary Brew Fest will take place on June 16 of next year and will showcase a variety of craft beer, spirits, cider and wine from the Maritimes for people to sample and peruse.

The event is a fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Sussex, a service group aimed at promoting peace, building local economies and supporting education among other goals, and will be held at Poley Mountain. Upon purchasing a ticket, guests will receive a five ounce glass at the event where they will be able to meander to different craft beer booths for two and a half hours and take their pick at different samples.

“I think it’s going to be a great event,” said Lloyd Chambers of the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival who will be organizing the one in Sussex.“The Rotary Club of Sussex does all kinds of great work. It’s a great team and it’s an opportunity for people to come and try products they may not have tried or they’ve thought about trying, or even if they’re not familiar with craft beer they can come and there’ll be something in there I’m sure they’ll enjoy.”

The event falls on Father’s Day weekend, a time Angie Cummings, director of the Rotary Club of Sussex and chair of the Brew Fest Task Committee, said is a great fit for such an event.

“It’ll be a good opportunity for dads to get out and celebrate and a wonderful Father’s Day gift for someone to give their dad a ticket for,”she said.

First Brewfest in 2018

Chambers said he will be reaching out to the 30 breweries in the province and will also invite the new distillery in town, Sussex Craft Distillery, to attend. The dairy town was attractive pick for the festival organizer.

“I think Sussex is a great spot. It fits into a lot of what craft beer is, a lot of local stuff with all the farming in Sussex and stuff like that, so it just seemed [like] a really good fit,”he said.

An emphasis on safety will be key for the event. Chambers said he will be focusing on getting people transported to Poley Mountain safely and will be looking into bussing options and other designated driving methods.

“We want to make sure everyone’s really responsible,” he mentioned. “We’ll put on a really good festival, everyone can enjoy tasting all the different craft products from Atlantic Canada plus that they’re being responsible and we’re helping them look after themselves and make sure they get home safe.”

VIP tickets will also be available which will offer people three and a half hours to try out the different samples. Tickets will be available in the next two to three weeks, Cummings said. An announcement for the tickets will be posted on the Sussex Brew Fest.


Proceeds from the 2018 Sussex Rotary Brew Fest will support the great work done by the Sussex Rotary Club.