Posted on Nov 09, 2020
Member Profile - Rhoda Wilson
This week let's meet our member.... Rhoda Wilson!
Rhoda has been a Rotarian for 11 years. She joined when she was Community School Coordinator at Sussex Middle School and it blended well with the job.
Presently Rhoda is the Host Coordinator in Sussex for Atlantic Education International and is involved in recruiting families to host international students. Organizing socials and activities for the students has built some amazing connections in the community and abroad. Rhoda even visited one of her students in Brazil a couple of years ago.

Rhoda grew up in Moncton and she spent a few years working as an Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of The Moncton Hospital. Rhoda left her position there and enrolled in a Bachelor of Science Program at Mount Allison University where she graduated with a degree in Chemistry. This was followed by a year of heart research working under the direction of Dr. William Driedzic and then by a one-year Education program offered at Mount Allison University. Rhoda worked on her third degree and graduated in 2006 from the University of Phoenix with a MA Ed in Curriculum and Instruction.

Rhoda moved to Sussex in 1986 to become the Chemistry teacher at Sussex Regional High School. Throughout her teaching career Rhoda taught a variety of courses; and before she retired, she was teaching technology to Grade 9 students.

Rhoda is married to Town Counselor, Tim Wilson, and has two sons – Samuel who is a medical student at McGill University and Izaak who just graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.