Posted on Oct 26, 2020
Member Profile - Angie Cummings
This week, let's meet Robert Lockhart!

Did you know in May of this year, Robert celebrated 50 years as a Rotary Member? You are an inspiration to many Robert! What a milestone!

“My first Rotary meeting was in Dec., 1953 when my father took me to the annual Kentville Rotary children’s Christmas party where he, and my grandfather before him, were Rotarians. I knew right then that I wanted to join this group- they had ice cream, Tom & Jerry cartoons, gifts! Not to disappoint a prospective future Rotarian, Dad arranged for me to have “my” Rotary Dinner every Monday at my Great Aunts who lived next door, a weekly dinner I had right up until I graduated from Acadia University and joined NBTel in Saint John on May 20th, 1969.

Through Rotary, I gained so many mentors that enhanced my career and life through their friendships. I have been able to give back to the community through seniors projects like the Rotary Admiral Beatty restoration and Rotary Senior Citizen’s Housing, for the youth through the Boys’ & Girls’ Club and Rotary Foundation projects, and to help make PolioPlus a reality.

My proudest Rotary moment was on Dec. 25, 2014 when I presented our family of six with Paul Harris Fellowships.“
Robert is a Paul Harris Fellow, a Past President of The Rotary Club of Saint John 1984-85 and is a current honorary member of the Sussex Rotary Club where he has been the Assistant Treasurer and is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Club’s Charitable Trusts.
In May of 2020 Robert celebrated 50 years of active Rotary membership having been asked to join Rotary in Newcastle in May, 1970