Posted on Oct 26, 2020
Multicultural Association of Sussex (MAS)
On Monday, October 26, 2020, Chelsie Nightingale, Executive Director (pictured at left), and Tara Thorne, Integration Services Coordinator, delivered to the Sussex Rotary an overview presentation on the topic of the Multicultural Association of Sussex (MAS).
Serving over 240 clients in the Sussex area, MAS is seeking to nurture partnerships within community groups to help provide support services integrating families. In conjunction with the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, MAS assists newcomers with such activities as setting up bank accounts, arranging phones and living arrangements and providing second language support in English, French, German and Sign Language. 
The MAS wants to serve the local community in two ways- by helping these families integrate into their new home bringing diversity, new skills and trades to the region, and to help broaden the tax base and population to help maintain the community infrastructure. 
Alaina Lockhart, current Chairperson of the Board for the MAS, shared that in addition to supporting for their Board, the team is looking for volunteers for a variety of services.