Posted on Nov 04, 2019
Paul Kearley - Effective Presentation

Our very own Paul Kearley of IBC Impact Business Communication, Inc. presented today on 'Effective Presentation' for the Sussex Rotary Club. A salesperson, speaker, manager and leader, author of over 350 articles and 4 e-books, Paul has coached many thousands of people since his start in the personal and business development business in 1985...

Some notes from the session from Paula Fleming: 
  • Statistically, only 3% of presentations are stimulating. Paul proceeded to “edutain” us on the proper way to do a presentation. 
  • There are four reasons to get up in front of a group and talk: Convince/persuade, inform, motivate and entertain. 
  • Good speakers are well prepared and knowledgeable about the material, and they tailor it to their audience. 
  • It’s important to include personal stories; people forget facts but remember the feelings/emotions/story. 
  • There are four critical pieces to the basic structure of a presentation: 
    • Opening - “Oh my” statement, get their attention 
    • Content - get your points across 
    • Evidence - evidence defeats doubt 
    • Closing - loop back to purpose, summarize, exaggerate/dramatize The question and answer portion can make or break your presentation. 
  • You must always be in control. 
  • Come prepared with what you think would be commonly asked questions in case people don’t ask any. 
  • Always repeat the question asked and then answer to everyone, not just the individual asking. 
Paul Kearley - Effective Presentation