Posted on Dec 09, 2019
Rotary Foundation

Jason Thorne introduced guest speaker Robert Griffin of the Rotary Club of Grand Manan on Monday, December 9th, 2019.

A retired restauranteur and high school teacher, Robert has invested his time in Rotary for over 40 years.

He is a charter member of the Rotary Club of Grand Manan and has served in every role within the Club. He has also served as Area 2 Assistant Governor and is the current District Rotary Foundation Chair. Robert joined us to provide a presentation on the Rotary Foundation, its form and its function... 

Robert shared several highlights of the Rotary Foundation:
  • The Rotary Foundation is one of the top foundations in the world. It has received a score of 100/100 with Charity Navigator due to the sustainability of its projects and the extremely low administrative costs of 2.8%- the lowest in the world. The Foundation has spent 3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.
  • The Foundation's money is spent in numerous ways - eradicating polio, training peacemakers, providing clean water, strengthening local economies, and supporting programs for mothers and children.
  • Impact: A small amount of money can make a giant impact. With Rotary International matching grants and support of charities like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a child can be vaccinated against polio for 60 cents or against cholera for 25 cents.
  • Foundation finances: Over 90% of donations go to service projects worldwide. Expenditures last year were $269 million, with only 1.8% spent on administration costs, 40% on fighting polio, 27% on global grants, 9.7% on district grants and 1.8% on peace centers.
  • There are three Foundation Funds: 
    • Endowment Fund - Here, money is put into a trust and only the interest used.
    • Polio Fund- All funds are used eradicating polio
    • Annual Fund- Donations from Rotarians. These can be in honour of someone, from a club or a member.
  • Paul Harris Recognition: A $1000 US donation garners Paul Harris Recognition.
  • Every Rotarian, Every Year - Where a Club has each member contribute $25US to the Foundation, the Club is designated as an Every Rotarian Every Year Club. This is one of the planks for a Rotary Citation. Donations can be made online in My Rotary or given to the secretary or treasurer.
  • The Foundation helps by providing district grants: Every three years, 50% of the money raised, over that time, comes back to the District. Half goes to global grants and a half to district grants. For example, if $100,000 is raised over three years, $50,000 comes back to the Club with $25,000 going to district grants.
  • February 2020 - A 4-hour course will be made available in Moncton, St. Stephen, Calais and Fredericton to provide additional training on Membership and the Foundation
Club Rotarian Jason Thorne thanked Robert for his insightful presentation, and Bob Black seconded the motion!

Thank you, Robert!