Posted on Feb 04, 2019
Wheels of Hope

Rotarian Paula Fleming also talked about the Polio Wheels of Hope Wheelchair Program in Nigeria for polio survivors. Rotary International is intent on eradicating polio, but until then, we would like to help improve mobility for those that have been afflicted by it...

Wheels of Hope

Wheels of Hope Wheelchair Program is an organization that provides wheelchairs for polio victims. Paula shared some testimonies of individuals whose lives were greatly enhanced by providing mobility support to polio survivors. Lives are changed when individuals can work and go to school, like other members of the community. Upon the recommendation of the Rotary Board, the membership agreed to donate $1,500 US to this project, including the money raised from Purple Pinky Day. The Club decided to divert some of its regular Foundation Polio Plus giving to assist with this project.

Another recipient, Ayuba Gufwan, is a Nigerian polio survivor who was given a wheelchair at the age of 18 by his uncle. This simple gift restored his dignity and changed the whole direction of his life. He went on to have a family, become a lawyer and then established HARC (Handicapped Advocacy and Rehabilitation Centre). Hand crank wheelchairs made from old bicycle parts give the gift of mobility to polio survivors. This enabled children to go to school; adults can learn a trade and lead a productive life.

Ayuba partnered with local Rotary clubs in Jos, Nigeria. Then with the help of amazing Rotarians like Ann Lee Hussey and Al Bonney, Wheels of Hope was created to continue funding Ayuba’s dream.

A wheelchair costs only $150 US dollars and instantly changes lives and provides hope for a brighter future. Go to Wheels of Hope to donate.