Posted on Oct 22, 2018
World Hope International

On Oct. 22, 2018, Rotarian Bob Tremblett introduced Tanya Nace, the Canadian Executive Director for World Hope International.

Tanya was born in PEI, attended Kingswood University, and has been involved in international missions for several years. Last fall, she transitioned to the position of Executive Director for World Hope Canada. Tanya, in turn, introduced Jo Anne Lyon.

Jo Anne Lyon is the founder of the World Hope humanitarian arm of the Wesleyan Church. The organization emerged when supporting victims of the Afghanistan War and aiding post-war efforts for Sierra Leone. Jo Anne is a member of the Rotary Club of Fishers in Indiana. Her Club has partnered with World Hope in drilling wells in the country of Sierra Leone.

Bringing safe drinking water to the country of Sierra Leone has made a big difference in the community. Not only are fewer children dying, but women and children who traditionally were the carriers of water have more time to go to school. Education leads to better employment opportunities and less human trafficking.