Posted on Dec 02, 2019
The Arts & Culture Centre of Sussex (AX)

The Sussex Rotary's guest speakers for December 2, 2019, were David Lutz and Peter Powning (pictured here) to share about the Arts & Culture Centre of Sussex, also known as the AX.

AX welcomes approximately 1600-2000 visitors to their arts and culture centre monthly with visitors from Sussex and all across Canada, the United States, and as far away as Europe and the Middle East.

David and Peter were introduced by Ed Keith, who updated the Club on the pedigrees of both speakers...

David Lutz, AX Supporter and Fundraiser
David took the podium first. David is a partner and lawyer of Lutz Longstaff Parish Law Firm with a long list of endeavours he has passionately helped to find support and fundraising. His most recent project was founding the David Lutz, Lutz Longstaff Parish Law FirmHampton Refugee Action Committee, which would ultimately sponsor 18 refugees from Syria. David spoke on the value of the AX organization to the local region and the need for art and culture to gain exposure in the growing Sussex area. David further shared insights on AX fundraising challenges and provided Sussex Rotary with some context around how they might get involved in support. 
Peter Powning, President of AX Board of Directors
David welcomed Peter to the podium to deliver an overview of the AX organization and give Sussex Rotary a peek into its day-to-day operations. Peter has been with AX for almost three years and is serving as the President of their Board of Directors.

Peter described AX as a " vibrant regional hub for arts and culture to the more than 500,000 people living within a 100 km radius of Sussex ". It is one of the busiest, most active arts and culture centres in New Brunswick. AX has a small army of volunteers to help support the environmentally controlled exhibition space. Part of their support comes from the Town of Sussex, which permits them their facility rent-free.

AX offers exhibitions from major institutions like the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the New Brunswick Museum. They host musical talent, literary events and a range of arts and culture-based activities for all ages.

AX is co-located with a local coffee haunt, Knocks Cafe, and the combination with a licensed, onsite restaurant and patio make for a cozy, inviting cultural space.

The Arts & Culture Centre of Sussex (AX)
Its programs span every audience. The AX Youth Engagement Strategy (YES Program) provides camps, classes and workshops for children of all ages. 

Peter and David shared that AX is seeking to create an endowment fund to help make AX more sustainable and provide a more resilient operational funding mechanism. The funding they can secure will be matched up to a certain amount by the federal government through the Canadian Heritage Endowment Incentive Fund. 

Ed Keith thanked David and Peter for their presentation and presented them with a book to be donated in their names to the local library.